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A boy of 14 years has a fever to 37.7 C for more than a month. Findings are deviating: ss DNA 1,9 U/ml, CMV IgG positive, IgG 9,15 g/L, IgM 0,29 g/L, spleen was increased to 14 cm. Skin test for tuberculosis is very positive. There are thickening of the skin like small lumps on the joints of the thumb and index finger on both hands.


Thank you for your question, and I am sorry to hear that the youth is ill. The best thing to do is to discuss this with your doctor. Certainly each of these tests in isolation does not add significant value to our understanding, but taken together and with a full examination and medical history there may be something important. A positive skin test for turberculosis could help to explain some of the nodules that you seem to be describing, although in different parts of the world there are vaccinations that can commonly result in a false positive PPD skin test. A positive CMV IgG is similarly suggestive of a previous infection, but does not help to establish the timing or that an active infection is ongoing. Increases in splenic size can indicate many different things, generally having to do with chronic or acute infections or hematologic processes. In short, you will need to discuss these findings with your doctor to determine what additional testing is needed, if any, before you can arrive at the proper diagnosis to help this youth get the help that he may need before he returns to optimal health. Please speak with your doctor.

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