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"I have a tumor on my neck, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a tumor on my neck, what should I do?


i have a tumor in my lymphoma on my neck it's for one month now i made a blood test for HCV , HIV & blood test count and all was negative. i don't feel sick but i'm worry because of that tumor . the new thing in my body is : there is a pain in my ears from time to time but i went to doctor & he said nothing in my ears . there is something in my mouth like vein and I had like filmy bleb for two or three time & it’s talked around 24HR & gone. In my femoral Inflammation of the hair follicles with around two or three small ref spots


I am sorry to hear that you have a lump in your neck and you are worried about what might be going on. I am happy to give you some of my thoughts about what might be going on, and to direct you in the right direction to get the answers that you need. Ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician, or otolaryngologist. They are well equipped to diagnose and manage neck masses, and will be able to help you figure out what might be going on. I am a little unsure by the information that you have given, but you make it sound like you already have a diagnosis of lymphoma of the neck. As I am sure you are already aware, lymph nodes are a normal part of your immune system, and you have hundreds of them in your neck. They can be swollen or enlarged for a number of different reasons (ranging from a common 'cold' to a neoplastic process like lymphoma). Lymphoma is a blood cancer that results in the overgrowth of immune cells (lymphocytes). One way to get a diagnosis of head and neck lymphoma is to perform a biopsy (incisional or excisional) to remove some of the tissue and send to a pathologist. Again, please schedule an appointment with an ENT. I hope this helps, and wish you all the best at the ENT visit.

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