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"Does corset waist training cause infertility?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes corset waist training cause infertility?


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Thanks for your question, I recommend that you speak with your doctor about your concern. Despite the long amount of time that these devices have been utilized, there is not an extensive amount of literature suggesting that using a corset affects fertility. As with most things that are designed to affect the long term physical outcome, they should be used with caution and you should speak with your physician before starting to use one. While the effects of a corset on fertility are not extensively studied, there are some effects from using back braces and other devices that can be extrapolated to some small degree. What limited research there is does suggest that the use of these devices should be limited to certain situations under the guidance of a physician. In the proper setting, however, they can be quite helpful. Some doctors will prescribe some sort of a corset in some situations where it is appropriate. Most doctors would not routinely recommend corset training, however, and many would recommend against it for numerous reasons. In your specific situation, it would be important to speak with your doctor about this question. Please speak with your doctor.

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