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"If someone has had brain trauma, can they listen to podcasts during recovery?"

ZocdocAnswersIf someone has had brain trauma, can they listen to podcasts during recovery?


My friend will be out of work for weeks after brain trauma caused by being hit by a car while he was walking. It is pretty serious, he doesn't remember anything. His doctor says no TV, no reading, but can he listen to a podcast?


That is a great question and one that is best answered by your friend's primary care doctor or the doctor caring for him after the traumatic brain injury, likely a neurologist. It is not clear why the doctor would have said no TV or no reading, unless there is more to your friend's history than what has been described here. It is not common to have these restrictions and so it must be that whatever the cause is that is concerning his doctor to recommend he not watch TV or read may also be something that would suggest he not listen to podcasts. Since there is not enough information to make an educated guess about the type of injury or what your friend's neurological exam is currently, it is suggested that your friend discuss all the things that he or she can do after the trauma and also it is important that he asks for how long these restrictions should stay in effect. Oftentimes, doctors will say don't do something for a certain length of time, such as six weeks, and so it is important that your friend know what he can and can't do and how long this is to last.

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