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"I am having headaches for 5 days, severe neck pain and earache. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI am having headaches for 5 days, severe neck pain and earache. What is wrong with me?


I was told that my neck curves forward and is causing trama. I tried a chiropractor which made things much worse and I am now in constant pain. I have also tried trigger point shots. I get blurry vision occasionally and I get shooting pain down my left arm. I can not get a good night sleep because my neck and head hurt so bad no matter what position I am in.


It sounds like you have a lot going on. Let me start off by saying that I'm not sure why you are having an earache, as this problem does not seem related to other problems. I recommend that you visit your primary care doctor to have an ear exam. Regarding your neck, I suspect that you may have degenerative disk disease or spondylosis of your cervical spine that is impinging on exiting nerves. It is also possible that you have a degree of spinal stenosis. Neither of these can be determined with the information you provided. However, if you have some degree of nerve impingement it can cause muscle spasms of the neck which can then result in headaches that can be described as either cervical neuralgia or a tension headache. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment first with your primary care doctor so that you get a good physical exam. After that, your doctor might opt to obtain an MRI of the cervical spine which can determine whether or not cervical spine disease is responsible for any of these problems. If your cervical spine is found to have significant disease then you should get a referral to a physiatrist or a neurosurgeon. If your cervical spine looks okay, then you should probably be seen by a neurologist for further treatment of your headaches.

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