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"I think I had a mini stroke. I can't see out of my left eye (blurry vision). What should I do about it?"


I had a mini stroke, my left eye is now blurry, random ear vibrations. What is causing this? Doc said may or may not clear up in 6 months and wants me to see neurologist, I can't afford one.


Please see a neurologist and follow your doctor's recommendations. Financing healthcare can be a strain, but it is important to clarify what has caused these symptoms. If you have indeed had a stroke, your doctor may need to start you on some medications that could help to prevent future strokes.

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Some of these medications would be the exact opposite of what would be recommended if you instead had a stroke caused by a different problem, and so it is vital that you have the correct answer. Fortunately, there are resources available for most people who are unable to afford healthcare. Most cities will have a free clinic or something that is available for those without an ability to pay. Even discussing your inability to pay with your doctor can be helpful, as he or she may have an answer or suggestion for you to help you feel better and recover as fully as possible. A mini stroke is a very serious problem, and can suggest that you are at risk of future problems that could be life threatening. Please follow your doctor's recommendations as soon as possible, and discuss your concerns about payment with him or her.

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