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"What does it mean when sharp head pain occurs during orgasm?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean when sharp head pain occurs during orgasm?


head pain occurs during orgasm


Thanks for your question. During orgasm, it is common for the blood pressure to spike to levels much higher than normal. Orgasm is therefore a time when many medical conditions are uncovered, and these should therefore be treated with appropriate respect. In other words, you should talk to your doctor about this question. Head pain during times when your blood pressure is elevated could be a sign of something as serious as an aneurysm, although that is not necessarily the cause of your current symptoms. Some people will experience pain in these situations that can be difficult to clearly define as stemming from one specific problem. In many cases, your doctor may be able to help you either find out what is causing your symptoms or suggest a method that you can use to feel better. Please speak with your doctor about this question. A neurologist may be able to provide further information, as they are routinely called on to investigate problems involving pain in the head and other forms of headache.

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