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"Can my seven month old son have medicine for a severe cough?"

ZocdocAnswersCan my seven month old son have medicine for a severe cough?


His cough is getting worse as the night goes on


So sorry to hear about your problem. As I am writing this in the day, it is doubtful that this information will reach you in time to help with your immediate concerns. When you have concerns that need immediate attention, please speak with your doctor's office. Either the doctor or nurse on call should be able to help. In serious situations, remember that it is always safest to go to the emergency room if you are concerned. Most doctors are very hesitant to give cough medicine to young children. The results of these medications are marginal at best, and the other effects of the medications can be severe. For that reason, their use is generally discouraged. Instead, using a cool mist humidified, warm teas or clear liquids, and other things that can soothe the throat can all be helpful. This should be used cautiously in light of the young age of your child, as you should not give him anything that would hurt or burn him. Many parents find that a cough can get worse as the night goes on, and this can be normal. Please support your son at this time, and talk to your doctor/go to the ED for more information.

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