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I was standing outside talking to friends when I started to feel light headed. What might be wrong with me?

I was standing outside talking to friends when I started to feel light headed. I continued to stand and then it got harder and harder for me to see. Like I was opening my eyes and looking but all I saw was black. Next thing I know I was on the ground and everytime I tried to walk back to my house I would have to sit down because I felt light headed again and was scared I was gonna fall. I'm not really sure what happened after I fell or how I fell. I don't remember it.
Sorry to hear about your problem, and it sounds like you need to speak with a doctor soon. The tunnel vision phenomenon, where things get harder and harder to see before everything goes black can sometimes be associated with a phenomenon known as a vasovagal reaction. It is something that can happen to people when they are scared, over stressed, in unusual situations, or overcome with emotion (sometimes referred to as the fainting that happens when a person is scared, for example). That is a reaction that is somewhat common, and experienced by many people to one degree or another, but it is not something that should be dismissed. This loss of vision and light headed feeling is not something that should happen on a regular basis, and is something that needs to be discussed with a doctor to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your heart, your vascular system, or anything else. There are many different potential causes, and some of them can be quite serious and require urgent medical attention. Please speak with your doctor soon about your recent episode, and get the care you need before these events cause further problems.
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