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"Is it normal to have blackheads in the ear?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to have blackheads in the ear?


I went to th docor recently and the doctor said i had blackheads in my ears


Thank you for your question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. Comedones are what blackheads are sometimes called by doctors, and can be unsightly depending on size and location. They are more common on the skin of the face than on other parts of the body, and they can either be associated with increased acne or can be a problem in and of themselves. The ear is a less commonly noted location than other parts of the face, most likely due to some subtle variations in the skin, and also due to the fact that most people do not examine the inside of their ears as closely as they examine their face. In and of themselves, the blackheads may not pose any additional risks or concerns, but you should speak with your doctor to make sure as acne in this area can cause serious problems if the infection spreads to the cartilage. There are many ways to treat these blackheads, and most of the routine acne medications that are used on other parts of the face can be used, with caution, around the ear. Please follow your doctor's orders, and be careful not to get this into your ear canal itself. Please speak with your doctor.

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