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"Is 92 lbs unhealthy for a 5'5 female of 25 years old?"


She also has high liver enzymes and epilepsy.


Thank you for this question. There are several ways to interpret this information, and it is important to know the back story. So I recommend that you speak with a doctor.

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In general, the body mass index can be used to determine what weights are more or less "healthy," although they are not perfect for every person. They are readily available and are used by many people, doctors included, but they do not tell the entire story about the health of a person. In fact, they were originally created by insurance companies to calculate risk. This does imply that they have some value at suggesting health across a broad population (or else insurance companies would never have used them!). For a person of that height, age, and weight, it would be apparent using the BMI calculators that are available online that this person would be considered underweight. This might be something that is readily explained in light of the other problems that you have mentioned, but it also might be a sign of an eating disorder such as anorexia, which can be very dangerous if not treated. The liver enzymes might suggest other problems that should be reviewed. Please speak with your doctor or the doctor of the person that you mentioned to get more information.

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