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"I have a red bump on the inside of my thigh. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a red bump on the inside of my thigh. What could it be?


a red bump on the inside of my thigh. White thick stuff came out, what is it? It's on my inside of the thigh. It's really hard, and does hurt a little bit when I push on it.


Thank you for your question. While it is hard to say what this lesion is, the skin on the thigh is subject to the same types of spots and local infections as the skin on the face and any other part of the body. I recommend that you be evaluated by your doctor. Thinking in that vein, it is possible that this represents a pimple that has now popped. If that is the case, then it is very important to keep the area clean and dry to prevent further infection. These infections can become quite serious if the bacteria doesn't drain properly and begins to spread to the local and deeper tissues. For that reason, speaking with your doctor can be very helpful to make sure that you are well. Many different types of bacteria can be present in these spots, and some of the bacteria can be resistant to antibiotics and some can be quite aggressive. There are other things that this lesion could represent, and so I would recommend that you speak with your doctor to make sure that it heals appropriately. Please seek more urgent help especially if you begin to have fevers, chills, sweats, or other signs of systemic infection. Please speak with your doctor.

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