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"Is there any medicine for a person with 100% kidney failure ( dialysis is impossible)?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there any medicine for a person with 100% kidney failure ( dialysis is impossible)?


patient age 75 & he was in coma for complete three days


I am sorry to hear about this patient's illness. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make recommendations on their care without more details. A physician would need to know this patient's entire medical history and perform a thorough physical exam. Additionally, one would need to know the tests already performed to evaluate their kidney failure as well as the cause of their coma. Finally, it is essential to know this person's overall status before recommendations of potential therapies with their own side effects. Therefore, you will need to arrange a meeting with a nephrologist to discuss these issues. There are many potential causes of renal failure. Diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are by far the most common causes of kidney disease. Certain toxins and medications can cause kidney damage. Autoimmune disorders may lead to renal failure as may certain infections. In some circumstances, medications such as immunosuppressives can lead to improvement in renal function. However, it is impossible to recommend a medication without more information in this case. Additionally, if the person is not producing urine or clearing the body's toxins, some form of dialysis is required to perform this function until renal function improves. It is essential for you to discuss this question with a nephrologist.

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