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"Why was PCI intervention not suggested?"


Lad 60% atheroma burden and diffuse irregularity througout. First diagonal branch severe diffuse disease throughout first obtuse marginal occluded last year pci fitte. Rca mild diffuse disease throughout .Only further medicine has been suggested. Any idea why no pci intervention


I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your cardiologist. There are a couple of reasons why your doctors probably decided not to place another stent in your coronary artery. To understand why we play stents, you first have to understand what benefits they provide.

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Stents are helpful when there is a blockage that is seen to be symptomatic. If you are having significant shortness of breath and chest pain that is caused by exertion, then your doctors probably did the catheterization to look for a potential cause of this. I am not sure that the 60% lesion in the LAD would be seen as the cause of this given the fact that symptoms usually occur when the vessel becomes 70% occluded or greater. A stent does not prolong your life, it is only used for symptoms. If you are not having symptoms of coronary artery disease then this is probably why they decided not to place a stent. It is also possible that they made this decision based on a nuclear stress test that you had done. If a nuclear stress test showed that she had a problem with blood flow in an area served by the first diagonal branch, they were probably looking for a discreet blockage in that artery but instead found diffuse disease which is not amiable to stenting. Finally, it is possible that your doctors were planning on offering you a bypass procedure and felt stenting was not necessary at this time I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your cardiologist for the questions about this.

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