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"Could this lump be lymphoma?"

ZocdocAnswersCould this lump be lymphoma?


hi? i just gave birth 2 months ago and i noticed that i have a lump in my groin, just a size of a pea, its not painful unless ynu touch it, it cant be seen by the eyes but you can feel it when you touch it. is this can be a type o lymphoma? im scared of it


Anytime you feel like you have a new lump or a bump, you should always have this evaluated by a physician. With that said, a lump the size of a pea is unlikely to be anything really significant. We do not tend to examine lymph nodes further if they are anything less than 1 cm in diameter. This means that your bump would need to be the size of a grape in the area where lymph nodes tend to live in order for us to be concerned about lymphoma without other symptoms. With that said if you also have symptoms of fever, night sweats, and fatigue than perhaps further investigation is warranted. Also if this area is actively growing, it warrants further investigation. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can examine your area that has this bump and determined whether or not further investigation is needed. If it is larger than a pea then probably you would need to have an ultrasound and potentially a biopsy. In addition if your doctor is worried because of other symptoms and the size of this lump then you may warrant having blood testing such as an LDH level. This is another test that can be helpful in determining if somebody has lymphoma. Good luck.

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