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"What fatty infiltration in the pancreas and liver mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat fatty infiltration in the pancreas and liver mean?


What is the general best practice for treating this type of issue? What else should I be aware of. I do have constant pain and currently nauseau and vomitting.


I'm assuming that you had an abdominal CT scan at some point that showed the fatty infiltration you describe. I recommend that you speak with your primary care doctor. Fatty infiltration is an early sign of liver damage and has usually been associated with obesity or alcohol consumption (the mechanism in each case is slightly different but the fatty infiltration arises from the liver not being able to keep up its normal rate of fat metabolism and break down). In and of itself fatty liver does not usually cause any problems, but it can be an early sign of liver disease that could later progress to more serious liver disease such as cirrhosis. The management of the condition right now should focus on what is most likely causing the condition. The symptoms you're describing of pain, nausea and vomiting are most likely due to whatever process is causing the changes in your liver and as such should all be managed together. Again, I would recommend you seek out your primary care doctor to discuss your symptoms and the workup you've already had; it may also be that you're already seeing a gastroenterologist in which case they may have further recommendations for you. You should go to the hospital sooner if you develop so much nausea that you're not able to keep down food and liquids, if you develop fevers or chills, or develop belly swelling or bleeding.

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