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"I hear an acidity sound in my throat. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI hear an acidity sound in my throat. What could it be?


It sounds to me like when you pour a glass of coke it fizzles


Thanks for your question. Not quite sure what could be causing this problem, and it would likely be necessary to examine you to determine for sure. There are several areas in the back of your throat where saliva can pool in some cases. If your saliva is quite bubbly, that could be one explanation, although that is just a wild guess without more information, and needs to be fully evaluated before just ignoring your problem. Other options include infections and problems with your anatomy involving your voice box and even the back of your tonsils or nose. An ear nose and throat surgeon (AKA otolaryngology- head and neck surgeon) would be able to fully evaluate you and make any appropriate recommendations to help with your problem. He or she would likely ask more questions about the duration of your symptoms and any accompanying symptoms as well. Finally, he or she would be able to examine your throat fully, possibly by placing a camera in a non-painful manner that could provide invaluable information. He or she could do all of this and likely recommend some intervention if appropriate. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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