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"How do you get poison ivy?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you get poison ivy?


My boyfriend has or thinks he has poison ivy and his balls are itchy


I recommend that you discuss your concern with your health care provider. Poison ivy is a plant that is widely spread through the United States. It has round shaped leaves that produce a special oil. The oil itself can cause a contact dermatitis of the skin in many people. This type of reaction to the plant is quite common. Any body part can react to the oils of the plant if it has been in contact with it. Even oils in clothing or the bottom of ones shoes can later on be inadvertently spread to the skin and cause itchiness or formation of a rash that tends to form blisters. However, itchiness in the groin can be many things other than poison ivy and seeing a medical problem will help differentiate possible causes. Other possibilities includes fungal infections that can cause itchiness as well as other infectious agents such as scabies, pubic lice. It is important to seek medical help as many of the above mentioned problems can be readily treatable with topical creams, including poison Ivy, which will readily help with his symptoms. In addition, monitoring for improving is important as if not improving your health care provider may want to perform further testing to proper diagnose the condition that is troubling him.

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