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"I have yellow bumps on my nose. What could it be? "

ZocdocAnswersI have yellow bumps on my nose. What could it be?


Good Day, I am concerned because every once and a while i get these yellow bumps on my nose . They are itchy and have puss. The crust in about a week. My doctor told me it was herpes zoster. I am not to sure because i heard herpes zoster was painful and this is just itchy. It also makes my nose very oily. Thank You


Thanks for your question and I recommend that you keep working with your doctor. You may be correct, as herpes zoster is usually associated with a rash that is quite painful. In your case, there may be some other cause of the rash that becomes infected. Impetigo is another infection that can have some yellow bumps and crusting, and is commonly caused by a bacteria that is present on most people. It does require treatment with antibiotics to be eradicated, and can be quite infectious as well. There are many other sorts of problems, but the fact that this itches does also make me believe that this may be a relatively superficial problem involving your skin. Any number of problems that cause skin infections of the face can result in an infected rash, whether the rash started as an infection or became one after the normal skin barrier was disrupted. The key is to keep working with your doctor until you are able to determine what needs to be done with the problem. If you feel that another doctor may be more helpful, and ear nose and throat surgeon may be able to help you with problems involving your face, and a dermatologist may also help with skin problems. Please speak with your doctor.

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