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"Frequent chest pain. Is it possible I could have some sort of nerve damage?"

ZocdocAnswersFrequent chest pain. Is it possible I could have some sort of nerve damage?


I have frequent chest pain which reoccurs in two different areas. One being below the left pectoral where the stomach meets the chest and also near the center of my chest. The pain is never in both locations at the same time. Occasionally when laying down I have mild heart palpitations in which the rhythm is normal but my heart seems to be beating harder at the normal pace. I have had EKGs, bloodwork, liver enzyme tests, an echocardiogram, chest x rays and ultrasounds of my gull bladder liver pancreas etc... I also visited a cardiologist who gave me a clean bill of heath. The doctors gave me ometzoprol after diagnosing me with gerd. The pain has not changed since taking the medicine. I have been experiencing this for several months now. Is it possible I could have some sort of nerve damage?


Thanks for your question. I am glad to hear that you have been discussing your symptoms with your doctor. As you know, one of the most concerning things when a patient complaints of chest pain is the thought that the patient could have some sort of cardiac event, such as a heart attack. While this is more common in some groups, such as those who are older, smoke, have diabetes, etc, it can happen to anyone and so doctors will generally be rather thorough in evaluating patients who have intermittent chest pain. In your specific situation, it pays to look for other causes as your cardiac evaluation has, fortunately, been negative so far. Reflux is one of the more common causes for chest pain, and can have typical presenting pain and other symptoms. There are lifestyle modifications that can help to treat reflux in addition to medications such as omeprazole, and some people will need higher levels than other people. Costochondritis is another common cause of chest pain, although the pain is usually more sharp and often associated with movement of the rib cage. There are many other causes as well, so please speak with your doctor about this question.

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