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"Does soy milk have side effects for men?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes soy milk have side effects for men?


i heard that soy milk can affect on testestrone levels for men is that true


Like most food, there are both positive and negative attributes to soy consumption. In order to review your particular case, and whether soy milk should be added to your diet, it will be important for you to schedule an appointment to meet with your doctor to discuss this issue. It may even be helpful to speak with a nutritionist. Having said that, soy is a good source of protein, does not contain lactose, and is vegetarian, so can act as a good alternative to those who are lactose intolerant or do not eat meat. It may also have an effect in reducing the risk of developing heart disease and prostate cancer. On the other hand, recent studies have shown some negative effects of eating soy in high quantities, particularly for men. Two compounds in soy act like estrogen, and can lead to side effects such as breast develop and decreased sperm count in men. It can also exacerbate erectile dysfunction in men who have this condition, as it can decrease testosterone levels in the body. There is also a study that shows a link between significant soy consumption and the development of dementia, although this needs to be confirmed by repeat studies. The key factor in this topic is how much soy constitutes a level that produces these negative effects, and as of yet, this has not been determined. In general, it is best to maintain a balanced diet, and that can include soy-based products (soy is actually in a lot of products at the grocery store that you might not think of). However, I would advise against eating high quantities of this food. Again, in order to determine how soy should fit into your individual diet, it would be useful to make an appointment to speak with your doctor and/or a nutritionist.

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