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"Why does my finger still hurt a month after I smashed it?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my finger still hurt a month after I smashed it?


I smashed the tip of my index finger really bad about a month ago, the nail actually cut into the skin. The cut healed up fine but my finger is still slightly swollen and the very tip is still hurting when I apply pressure, doesn't really affect my everyday life but I cant play the guitar with it like it is:( anything I can do???


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by a primary care doctor or another doctor specializing in the hand such as an orthopedic surgeon. For issues such as the one you have described, there are several possible causes for this but it is impossible to know unless you are evaluated by a doctor who can perform a thorough physical examination and history. The main possibilities include that you have a fracture of the bone in the tip of your finger that is causing you to continue to have this pain and they may do an x-ray to see what it looks like and may decide to splint it or less likely perform surgery on it. Another potential cause could be that you developed an infection in the skin that is causing you to have a swollen and painful fingertip. Depending on how it looks and what is happening with your finger, they may decide to treat you with antibiotics or if there appears to be something under the skin such as an abscess, they may decide to do surgery to get it out. Only your doctor can decide the appropriate diagnostic testing to perform and then the treatment options available.

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