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"How long do I wait to take suboxon after taking hydro 5/325 for 5 days?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long do I wait to take suboxon after taking hydro 5/325 for 5 days?


I have already started with the upset stomach and sneezing is 12 hours long enough?I have been on suboxon 2mg films for 3 years but had a bout with kidney stones this past week took my last 2 hydros at 8 am this morning.


As you know, suboxone is a medication used to treat opioid addiction, and is very effective due to its simultaneous stimulation and blockade of the opiate receptor. However, it does have side effects, and it is important for you to schedule an appointment with your doctor to review your particular case and possible contraindications to its use. As stated above, suboxone does have certain side effects, and some studies have shown that people taking suboxone have an increased risk of developing kidney stones. It sounds as though you have had this problem and are now being treated for this condition. In terms of when you can resume suboxone, it is all about weighing the risks and benefits. Knowing that you are prone to develop kidney stones on suboxone, you may want to switch your anti-addiction medication permanently. On the other hand, you can take certain precautions while on suboxone, such as staying well hydrated and avoiding other medications that increase the risk of developing kidney stones. If you do decide to continue taking suboxone, it is safe to do so after taking hydrocodone + acetaminophen (hydro-apap), given suboxone's opiate receptor antagonist effects, especially because it sounds like you are already starting to go into withdrawal, which indicates that the hydrocodone levels in your body are decreasing. Again, to review your particular case, I would recommend speaking to your doctor.

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