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"Do I have ovarian cysts?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have ovarian cysts?


I had randomly experienced terrible pain in my lower right side. I first thought it was my appendix til i realized it hurt below that. I assume it was a ruptured ovarian cyst. It was the worst pain ever nd lasted 7 hours. I didnt go to the hospital unless it was to come back. Since then i still have pains there if i move the wrong way too quickly. Its sharp pains not aches. But its been a while now nd im wondering if thats normal. Everything online says to see doctor right away but not if u never do. Just curious thanks


Given your symptoms, it is important that you see a doctor, even if your symptoms do not change or return like they did the first time you experienced the pain. There are a few worrisome conditions that need to be assessed for given you history of terrible right sided pain, that is ongoing. It is possible that a ruptured ovarian cyst could cause these symptoms. A ruptured cyst typically causes intense pain that then eases over 24 hours, but typically does not return or continue as described. Ovarian torsion can present with the same symptoms. This is a condition where the Fallopian tube, connecting the uterus to the ovary, twists. Ovarian cysts can lead to this. Torsion is an emergency as the blood supply to the ovary can be lost, losing the ovary if untreated. An ultrasound can look for cysts, signs of ovarian torsion, and assess the blood supply to the ovary. Similarly, an ultrasound can look for ovarian masses that can lead to pain. In addition to the ovaries, both appendicitis and kidney stones could potentially cause similar pain. if an appendix is infected and then has a leak or perforation, an abscess can form. An abscess can also form on the ovary. Be sure to schedule an appointment to have a physical examination and to look into the cause of this pain.

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