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"I have a recurring cough due to allergic bronchitis. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a recurring cough due to allergic bronchitis. What could it be?


hi doc, my kid is 4yrs old. we stay in blore. since 3 months she's suffering from cough. every week we r buying medicines. everyday she takes a 5ml of cough syrup (kofarest pedi) and then only can go to school. when consulted, the doc said she might be suffering from allergic bronchitis. the medicine montair 4mg was prescribed for 6months. 2 weeks back we went to andhra, there my kid was fine. she even had sweets. all this time she was having montair 4mg every night and wasnt coughing any more. now after coming to blore, the same problem again, even after taking montair tab. pls advice. i dont know what to do. nothing is working. even if they work they r only temporary. doc says she needs to grow up, but i cant see here coughing all the time till she grows up. im only left with homeopathy.


Thanks for your question. Certainly, it does appear that there is something in the environment in Blore that is contributing to her problems. The fact that she seemed to improve when she went to a warmer, and more moist climate could offer some indications of the problem as well. Speaking with your doctor about the continued problem is likely to yield some benefit, although it may take some time. You are correct in stating that a chronic cough is not something that needs to be tolerated. There are fortunately other medications that can be used to help your daughter in this condition, and it may be appropriate to speak with your doctor about a referral to a specialist at this point. A pulmonologist is someone who has been trained specifically to answer questions like yours, and may have a wider arsenal of medications that may be able to help. He or she may want to do additional testing or even get some imaging to help make the decision about what the next best step may be, as there may be an element of reactive airway disease that is contributing. Due to the many possibilities, it is important to speak with your doctor. Please speak with your doctor.

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