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"I have confusion and head pains. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI have confusion and head pains. What is wrong with me?


21years old and i have a few concerns, on sunday i started getting a sharp stabbing pain around my left side temple round to my left eye, the pain will last for 5ish seconds and then disappear. I have also noticed as of late i have been some memory problems, some minor things and some major, for example i forgot to take the pushchair out of my car 2minutes after my partner had asked me to, and i was asked the other day how old my son is and my mind was blank and in the end had to look at a calender to count and see (he is 17weeks old) I am also experienceing time when i will be reading something and i havnt been able to process this in my head and at times people will be talking to me be im not understanding very simple sentences I have always been good at adding up in my head but i am finding this alot more challenging recently. I will also find myself at times confused for no reason, maybe looking at the computer and not being able to process what i am looking at.


The symptoms you describe must be very distressing for you, as it sounds like this is not at all your normal baseline. Anytime you experience symptoms that are different or worrisome, by far the best thing you can do is see your primary care doctor right away to discuss the situation. Your doctor will know your health history and can also do a physical exam to look for any other signs or symptoms that suggest you may need additional evaluation. With the symptoms you describe, it sounds like a thorough neurological exam is in order. Your primary doctor will definitely do this himself or herself, and depending upon the outcome may want you to be seen by a specialist as well. The headaches you describe can be consistent with some syndromic headaches and can be treated effectively with medication, but it will also be helpful to do a more objective evaluation and determine if you have any other neurological deficits or objective memory problems during a brief evaluation. Many women note that they can sometimes observe some changes in their mentation shortly after giving birth, but it is important to make sure that other possibilities explaining your symptoms are excluded. Please speak with your doctor. Hopefully you will be back to normal very soon!

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