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"How can I treat a groin lump?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I treat a groin lump?


I recently found a lump/bump in my groin area, between upper thigh and scrotum. What is it and how should i treat it? (preferably at home)


First, you should speak with your doctor about this question and not try and treat this at home by yourself. There are many different explanations for what this could be, but it is not clear that this is something that will just go away by itself. While it is not clear that this is something very bad such as a cancer, there are some types of cancer that will spread to the lymph nodes close to the area that is involved and will make them swell in a painless fashion. In younger men, one of the most common types of cancers is testicular cancer, and others include lymphomas and leukemias. Any of these types of cancer could potentially result in a painless lump in the groin that would obviously require more treatment than just a home remedy. Additionally, the sooner that such things are treated, the better the prognosis often will be. While cancer is perhaps one of the worst case scenarios, there are other severe conditions that need to be treated as well. For example, painful swelling and redness can often be signs of an infection that may require antibiotics or even more aggressive treatment. Please speak with your doctor.

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