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"Which medication I can cut back on so I'm not taking so many?"

ZocdocAnswersWhich medication I can cut back on so I'm not taking so many?


I'm currently taking 8 different pills for bipolar i and panic disorder and recently adhd...I'm taking abilify, adderall, ambien, lamitical, zoloft, topamax, klonpins cogentin


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by the physician prescribing you these medications, such as your primary care doctor. In general, because of the fact that you are taking such a large number of medications, it would not be advisable that you obtain advice from anyone regarding which medications to stop other than the doctor that prescribes these medications to you. Usually, if you require that many medications to help with your bipolar disorder and panic disorder, it may not be possible that it is possible to decrease your medications. That being said, sometimes patients are kept on medications that they may not need and so it is important to have a frank discussion with your doctor about which medications are absolutely necessary and which can be discontinued. They may also consider giving you a trial off of one medication and keep an extra close eye on you while they do this and if that works, they may continue to remove one medication at a time and have you follow up more frequently to ensure that you are doing ok off a certain medication. It is not suggested that you stop any medication on your own without consulting a doctor.

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