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"I fed my 7-week old baby with growing up 1-2 years milk for a week. Is my baby going to be ok?"

ZocdocAnswersI fed my 7-week old baby with growing up 1-2 years milk for a week. Is my baby going to be ok?


I have fed my 7 week old baby on growing up 1-2 years milk for a week however I only just noticed as she's normally on colic and constipation in the same colour box, will she be okay? I am getting her normal milk tomorrow


Thanks for the question and I recommend speaking with your pediatrician. The stomach of an infant can be quite sensitive. While there are many advantages to breast feeding, it can be difficult for some mothers and for some infants. There are thus advantages to feeding milk formulas that can provide the necessary nutrition for young children. Most of these formulas are very carefully constructed to provide nutrition to certain age groups. This is because some of the enzymes that are needed to help break down different kinds of milk are not present in very young babies. When they are fed milk that cannot be fully processed, infants will often respond with increased abdominal problems, which is usually manifest as colic. While it is hard to say exactly how your child would respond as I am not sure which specific formula you are referring to and I would need to know what ingredients are included, it is good to know that your child should be able to let you know how she is doing with the other formula. If she is still gaining weight and is not having abdominal distress or uncontrollable crying, then it is likely that she will recover well when switched back. However, it is important to speak to your pediatrician about this question.

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