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"HSV Type 1 and 2 blood work results - what do they mean?"

ZocdocAnswersHSV Type 1 and 2 blood work results - what do they mean?


I recently had blood work done, my type 1 and 2 IGM both came back negative but my type 1 IGG came back 0.12 and my type 2 came back 0.08. what does this mean?


I cannot tell what these lab results mean without seeing the normal range of the test, so it's important to discuss with your doctor. The normal range of the test varies from laboratory to laboratory. Thus, 0.12 and 0.08 could mean different things using different tests. The fact that your IgM can back negative only means that if you did have an HSV 1 or HSV 2 infection, you did not have it recently. IgM is a type of antibody that is only present in the first stages of an infection and goes away in favor of IgG. Take a look at your lab sheet and see if the HSV IgG levels that you had were higher than the "negative" range. If they were, then it means that at one time you were exposed to that virus. It does not tell you whether or not you have an active infection. The herpes virus can live in the body indefinitely without ever causing symptoms. HSV 1 is the typical cause of the so-called cold sores that can occur near the mouth. HSV 2 is the typical cause of genital herpes, but either one can cause either lesion. I would suggest that you return to your primary care doctor or whoever ordered this testing for further explanation of what it means and what treatments are needed for your condition.

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