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"What is this white watery discharge?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this white watery discharge?


Washed vagina with bar soap lots of it later that night had a burning itching irritated feeling two days later that evening saw white watery discharge on panties what is this and is this from the soap


You should make an appointment with a primary care doctor to discuss your symptoms more in depth. You mentioned that you washed your vagina with var soap a few days ago. Now you have a watery white discharge. The inside of the vagina does not need to be washed. The vagina has beneficial bacteria called lactobacillus that produces acid and makes the vagina an acidic environment that prevents the overgrowth of foreign organisms such as bacteria and yeast. When you use soap, you disrupt the acidic environment and kill off the beneficial bacteria. Soap is very harsh and causes dryness. The vaginal mucosa is fragile and more thin than skin. As a result, other organisms can grow and cause an infection. Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection that is not known to be sexually transmitted. It usually does not produce any pain but does produce vaginal discharge that can smell like fish. If you are sexually active, other infections such as sexually transmitted diseases should be ruled out. Again, you should make an appointment with a primary care doctor to discuss your symptoms more in depth. Your doctor can analyze a sample of urine and determine if it is an infection or not. If you are sexually active, you should also have a pregnancy test to ensure that you are not pregnant.

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