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"What is a lump under my jaw?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is a lump under my jaw?


I'm 21 years old with no medical history apart from tonsilectomy whenn 12 years old. Weather is getting cold and I lost voice 2 weeks ago, regained quickly in 2 days, then have been sneezing, coughing (not continually) and feeling cold. I recognized this lump under my jaw (one side) 6 days ago. It moves when I touch


Thanks for the question. There are a few possible explanations for what you are feeling, so it is important that you discuss then with your doctor. One of the most likely explanations is that what you are feeling is a lymph node that has come in reaction to your recent illness. Lymph nodes are involved in helping to fight infections, as they will help to collect different things that can cause infections, and then help the immune response by gathering them in before they spread to the rest of the body. It is common to find these in the neck because of the fact that people often touch their necks, and there are other structures below that allow them to be felt by giving structure to the deeper soft tissues. When an infection happens, these lymph nodes can swell, and will often be tender and occasionally even red. They will usually go away a short time after the infection resolves. Of course, other things can happen in this area as well. Stones can accumulate in some of the salivary glands, and can obstruct the outflow of saliva. This can cause swelling, pain, and infection at times as well. While less pleasant to think about, cancer is another, less likely, possibility. Please speak with your doctor for more information.

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