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"I have a bump on my face that used to be a cyst, but now it is just a bump that is numb. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a bump on my face that used to be a cyst, but now it is just a bump that is numb. What should I do?


The bump inflates and deflates, it is darker than the surrounding skin and I have had it for about one year. I want to know what it is, what i should do, and why is it numb??


Thanks for this question. There are several different suggestions as to what this problem could be, but speaking with your doctor will be important to know for sure. First, epidermal inclusion cysts are common findings in which a bit of skin and infection will get trapped below the surface and intermittently become infected. These will often drain spontaneously, and will often get red and quite swollen. To be treated appropriately, these need to be drained fully, and usually it is recommended that the whole lesion be removed with a small procedure. While these are quite common, there are numerous other medical conditions that can cause the symptoms that you are describing. As you can imagine, some of these are quite serious, and should be discussed with your doctor. The fact that you are describing numbness is somewhat concerning, as most benign conditions will not affect the nerves of the face or body, and so this is something that suggests that you need to speak with your doctor sooner rather than later. Most often, an ear nose and throat surgeon or a plastic surgeon that treats facial conditions will be able to help. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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