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"Concern with legs & heart, should I be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersConcern with legs & heart, should I be worried?


Started as a pain in the upper back of my left leg, then my leg started feeling swollen and worn out/ weak. (Shaky). Usually it's been happening on the right side. Feels like I can't move my leg right. I'm afraid of DVT. My legs will sometimes get shaky on the inside and weak, frightening me. My heart feels like its been pounding more in the last 20 mins. Should I be worried? I do have GAD, but these aren't my typical symptoms.


I'm sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. Given the overall constellation of symptoms and the impact they are having on your life, I recommend you see your primary care physician. The precise cause of these symptoms cannot be determined without a thorough history and physical exam. A blood clot, or deep vein thrombosis, can form in your leg when you have inherited clotting disorders. Other situations, such as an orthopedic injury, prolonged sitting or immobility, leg trauma, malignancy, or smoking while taking oral contraceptive pills can also increase your likelihood of forming a blood clot. This typically causes pain and swelling in one leg out of proportion to the other. This can be a life threatening condition, as it it can compromise the circulation of your leg or the blood clot can migrate into your lung, causing a rapid heart beat. Given this concern, it is critical you see your primary care physician. If this evaluation also raises concern for a blood clot, you may need to undergo an ultrasound of your leg. Other causes of asymmetric leg weakness can include seizure or stroke. Again, without an in-person evaluation, I cannot determine if this is a likely diagnosis. However, I encourage you to raise these considerations with your doctor.

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