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I have what feels like not or small ball between my legs toward my prostate. For several years I have dealt with inconsistent bowel issues that I always assumed was a minor form of IBS. Recently I have had urinary issues that I treated as a urinary tract infection (took a Walgreens test came positive). I also have temporary dull pain in my testicles and abdomen that I always assumed was a minor sports hernia. I also suffer from a spondy hernia one of my vertebrate that causes sciatica (quality of life killer). I have had two mri on back in the last two years. None of these really concerned me until I felt the knot and started putting everything together


Thank you for your questions. I recommend that you discuss your concern with your doctor. While it is not everything, the fact that you have recently had two imaging exams performed on the region in question (your back) does help to reassure somewhat that there has not been widespread metastatic cancer in your back. While prostate cancer is very common, it is also not clear that prostate cancer is the cause of the symptoms that you have described. Your specific situation would best be understood by speaking with a doctor or surgeon who could help you determine what is the cause of all of your symptoms. A urologist would be likely one of the best people to help determine if there is an issue with your prostate. He or she would be able to complete an exam and recommend imaging or other testing, possibly including a biopsy, if he or she were concerned. If instead the problem stems from your colon, a proctologist or colo-rectal surgeon may be able to help best. Either would be able to get you started in the right direction and answer your question about what this lump may be. Please speak with your doctor or surgeon further about this question.

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