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"My baby is having some health problems. What can I do to help him?"

ZocdocAnswersMy baby is having some health problems. What can I do to help him?


Hi my 15 month old baby boy has been poorly for a few weeks now and he's not sleeping very well hes hardly sleeping at all neither am i..I think he's suffering from seperation anxiety coz he's constantly with me. Hes full of cold..phlegm on his chest and got a tummy bug as hes been throwing up and unable to keep any food down but hes also teething I think l..hes got lumps along the gumline towards back of his mouth and there white but he is not eating and calpol and the teething sachets just isn't working what can I do? (Hes asthmatic so cant have ibuprofen)


This must be a very challenging time for you with a sick child at home. I recommend that you discuss this with your pediatrician. You describe several symptoms and physical findings that are bothering your baby right now, and without doubt the best thing to do in this situation is to make an appointment with his pediatrician as soon as possible. If he has been diagnosed with asthma, then some of the breathing difficulties (or "phlegm" in his chest) could be related to asthma or to respiratory infections in young children that can make asthma worse. Anytime a young child like this is throwing up and unable to keep food down, it is extremely important to make sure that he stays hydrated. A baby can become very ill very quickly without adequate fluid intake, and it sounds like your son may need an evaluation to make sure this is not the case. Your pediatrician will know your son's medical history as well as his last exam findings at a well-baby visit, so he or she will be able to put all of these new symptoms into context and can also suggest the best way to keep your son more comfortable. It is always best to involve a pediatrician in the evaluation of a sick baby, and hopefully your son will be feeling better soon.

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