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"Would be useful for me to take supplement to help me strengthen my joints and provide me with safe muscle gain?"

ZocdocAnswersWould be useful for me to take supplement to help me strengthen my joints and provide me with safe muscle gain?


Hi dr. i first andd foremost like to thank you for taking time out of your day to answer my question. I am a 22 adult male who is in excellent shape. I have just debated on whether taking a new supplement that will help me strengthen my joints and provide me with safe muscle gain. I have been introduced to a supplement called IronMagLabs OSTA Rx. it is ostarine(MK-2866), i have read nothing but good reviews about it. I have yet to start taking the product but thought i get a doctors insight to tell me with the supplement is one that is beneficial and have no side affects. Thanks


In general, it is never safe to take a supplement without first discussing it with your primary care physician. Many supplements pose specific threats depending on your medical history and may also have dangerous interactions with other medications. Therefore, I encourage you to consult your doctor on this matter. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA in the same way as prescribed medications. A recent study found that many supplements do not contain the products they claim to include. In addition, many have been found to contain known toxins. Several high profile supplements have been removed from market due to life threatening side effects, including liver failure and sudden death. Therefore, it is critical for you to discuss this specific supplement with your doctor. The IronMagLabs OSTA Rx website does not list all components of the supplement, making it unsafe to use. Specifically, this supplement is designed to augment various hormone levels. There are no high quality scientific studies published in peer reviewed journals supporting its benefit or commenting on its safety. In addition, there are no long term safety reports on this product. Products of this category are banned from collegiate, professional, and Olympic sports. Therefore, I cannot state any evidence that this is safe. I urge you to consult your physician regarding this, as well.

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