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"My father was operated for Adeno Carcinoma in 2010 and now nodular lesion in his lungs were detected. Is it something to worry about?"

ZocdocAnswersMy father was operated for Adeno Carcinoma in 2010 and now nodular lesion in his lungs were detected. Is it something to worry about?


Sir/Madam, My father is 58 years old. and was operated for adeno Carcinoma in 2010 . he was okay. but then we underwent a scan and we found some nodular lesion in his lung, the Doctor didn't suggest to undergo some scan or test for that. he prescribed some medicines. since then whenever he eats something he coughs and vomits mucus. he has not eaten anything since last two days. can you please suggest something. apart from this he is also diabetic.


I understand your concern regarding your father. It is critical that you discuss these results with his physicians, as it is not possible to render a diagnosis without knowing his full medical history, performing a physical exam, or reviewing his imaging studies in person. In addition, I cannot tell from your question the organ in which his adenocarcinoma originated. In general, patients with any sort of malignancy require regular follow-up with an oncologist, so I suggest you bring these new results to his oncologist for further review. In general, in patients with a history of malignancy, a new lesion in the lung raises concern for metastatic spread of the malignancy. This depends on the appearance of the lung lesion, which I am not able to review myself. In addition, certain types of cancer are more likely to spread to the lung than others. Depending on your father's overall medical history and the appearance of the lung lesion, he may require a biopsy or an additional radiographic test, such as a CT scan or PET-CT. I would discuss this with the doctors who have access to his test results. It is important to know that other disorders, such as pneumonia or autoimmune lung disease, can cause abnormal lung lesions. In addition, the vomiting may be secondary to persistent cough or may be related to an issue with his esophagus or stomach. I encourage you to discuss these possibilities with his medical team.

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