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"Could this be bone cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersCould this be bone cancer?


Lump showed up on forearm, few week later, another on the other. Bones and joints ache.


Sorry to hear about your problem. While bone cancer is quite rare, the presence of new bumps in the setting of increasing pain is something that should be reviewed further by your doctor. Your doctor will likely be able to help set your mind at ease or at least provide you with more information with some simple testing including some blood tests and possibly some imaging. While fatty tumors of the skin are quite common, it is not normal for all of these to pop up so suddenly if you have not had them before. The one exception would be if you have recently been losing large amounts of weight that is only now making these lesions be more visible. There are other symptoms in addition to aching bones that would make these symptoms more concerning. If you are having fevers, chills, night sweats, fatigue, or other symptoms suggestive of a problem that could be affecting your entire body, this could be a sign that something more serious is at work. Again, your doctor will quickly be able to recommend the appropriate next steps for you based on your symptoms and the findings on your physical exam. Please speak with your doctor about this.

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