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"Is masturbation once a week or two weeks healthy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs masturbation once a week or two weeks healthy?


Hello, Lately I've been experiencing problems with maintaining a strong erection or even obtaining an erection at all. In addition to that I do feel quite fatigued many days during the week. I don't know whether or not this can be attributed to masturbating 1-2 times a day but if so will reducing masturbation to once a week cure these ailments? Also will abstaining from viewing any form of pornography help in the curing process?


Erectile dysfunction is generally not due to a serious underlying medical condition but rather to a psychosocial cause. However, in order to review your case more thoroughly, including obtaining a more complete history, performing a physical examination, and running any appropriate testing, it is important that you schedule an appointment to see your doctor. As mentioned above, the most common cause of inability to form or keep an erection is due to a psychological source. Stress, performance anxiety, mood disorders, or other psychological factors can play a major role in obtaining an erection. One way to distinguish whether these types of factors may be the cause is whether or not you are obtaining erections during sleep or when you first wake up. If so, it is likely that a psychological stressor is the cause. If not, it is possible that another medical condition is the reason for the erectile dysfunction. It would be important to know your age and other medical conditions, but two common causes of erectile dysfunction not due to a psychological source are peripheral vascular disease (build up of cholesterol in the artery walls) and diabetes. You may want to be tested for these conditions if your problem persists. To directly answer your question, frequent masturbation has not been shown definitively to be associated with any negative health outcomes, and you may continue to masturbate without fear of causing yourself harm. On the other hand, if your inability to obtain an erection is due to decreased sexual arousal, it may be helpful to abstain from pornography if you are becoming over-saturated with sexual images and thus are not aroused by them. Again, in order to address your individual situation, I recommend making an appointment to see your doctor to review your particular case.

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