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I am having nose bleeds, a bad cough and I feeling tired. What is this and can I treat it from home with over the counter drugs?

I am 25 years old, I am an occasional smoker, I have had a really sharp pain in my right lower back the past 2/3 days that is extremely painful when i breath deeply. I have been extremely tired the last week and have had aches in my left shoulder in particular. I have never had a nose bleed and have had a couple in the last few days and have quite a bad cough with a little blood present yesterday in the sputum. What is this and can I treat it from home with over the counter drugs?
Thanks for your question. I would recommend that you speak with your doctor. There are some suggestions in your question that seem to indicate that speaking with a doctor is appropriate. While common viral infections such as the common cold can explain many of your symptoms, it is concerning that you have begun to have nose bleeds after never having them before. The pain in your back could indicate many different things, but sometimes a pneumonia or something else that is potentially serious can present in this fashion. As for your cough, this could again be a sign of a lung infection, or some other problem that needs to be treated by a physician. Most over the counter medications are not appropriate to manage the range of symptoms that you seem to be describing, and you should therefore seek further direction before you begin to treat yourself. Speaking with your doctor will allow him or her to ask further questions that may help to clarify why you are not feeling well, and may be able to allow him or her to start helping to treat you with something to get you feeling better. Please speak with your doctor.
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