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"I have nosebleeds everyday. What should I do?"


ive tried creams and cauterized it


Sorry to hear about this annoying and perhaps dangerous problem. Chronic nosebleeds are very difficult to treat, and they decrease quality of life in those who suffer from them. Additionally, they can sometimes become such a severe problem that they become life threatening.

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There are a few solutions. Conservative treatments such as increasing humidification at home and using nasal creams regularly are generally sufficient for small nosebleeds. More aggressive treatment such as cautery can be appropriate for those people who are not on blood thinners or in certain situations. In other situations, packing the nose is the best option, as it gives the wound time to heal without additional injury. In each of these cases, the potential problem remains, and so more aggressive options such as surgery and even embolization remain options in some rare situations. Before you get to that point, however, your doctor will need to do testing to determine why you continue to bleed. This will generally include blood tests and perhaps imaging looking for signs of bleeding disorders or explanations for your problem. He or she may alternatively ask you to hold your blood thinners if it is safe to do so. Importantly, an ear nose and throat surgeon will best be able to help. Please speak with your doctor.

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