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"What could this lump be?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could this lump be?


i recently started shaving and a lump appeared however i don't think it is an ingrown hair. it is quite large and has been the for over a week now


You recently started shaving. You have a lump and it has been there for over a week. Shaving often causes a lot of small cuts on the skin. When the hair is growing out again, it can cause an ingrown hair like you mentioned. Ingrown hairs are often small red painful spots. To care for ingrown hairs, you have to make sure that your razor is clean. Make sure to clean the skin before shaving. Also to exfoliate afterwards to make sure the hairs don't get trapped. This will help prevent ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs as well as just small cuts in the skin can cause infection. When an area is infected, the body uses cells to fight it off and these cells often lead to enlarged lymph nodes in the body. When you get a sore throat or cold, lymph nodes are often enlarged in the area just beneath your jaw, which is normal. I suspect that this may be the cause for the lump. I do not know what it looks like or where it is located. It is best to go to your primary care doctor or even a dermatologist to have this checked out. They could take a look and perform further tests if necessary, such as a biopsy or a drainage. They also might just observe it and do nothing. Please speak with your primary care doctor.

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