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"I found a lump in my left breast. What should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI found a lump in my left breast. What should I do?


About a month ago, my son banged my breast with his head and left s bruise and then he punched me. The bruise is gone but I feel a lump inside my breast. It the size of a marble, and when I get into arguements or feel stressed out it starts to hurt a bit. But usually it doesn't hurt unless I mess with it. Im 20 years old btw, and I know I should see a dr but I'm terrified of them. :-(


A breast lump is a common complaint across a range of ages and has a number of possible diagnoses. I suggest you seek consultation with a physician or your local healthcare center for further evaluation. Questions that may be asked of you in addition to the information you provided above include have you noticed a change in the size or consistency of the lump, do you have any associated nipple discharge, does it change with your menstrual cycle, do you have a family history of breast cancer, have you noticed any surrounding redness or drainage of pus? A breast lump can be caused by any number of conditions including normal hormonal changes. Given that you had a history of trauma to your breast, you may have developed a hematoma (a bruise). Alternatively, you may have a breast cyst (a collection of fluid encapsulated by tissue). You may have an abscess (a collection of pus that has been walled off by the body in an attempt to prevent spread of infection). Other potential diagnoses include a fibroadenoma (benign breast tumor), phyllodes tumor (a breast tumor that can have malignant potential), or a breast cancer. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being seen by a doctor. You should see your doctor for evaluation to receive a diagnosis and management plan.

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