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"My girlfriend has had constant pain in her stomach for 2 weeks. Is there something wrong with her?"

ZocdocAnswersMy girlfriend has had constant pain in her stomach for 2 weeks. Is there something wrong with her?


She wasnt well for 5 days in a row and she cannot get rid of her pain it does not go. I have came to you because i think it is serious and her mum and dad always ignore her when she says she wants to ho to the doctors.


Abdominal pain is a common condition that occurs across a range of age groups and has a very wide range of possible diagnoses and treatment plans. You should encourage your girlfriend to seek consultation with her physician or local health center for an evaluation. Points regarding the abdominal pain that are important to convey, in addition to other questions she may be asked, include onset of the pain, duration of the pain, quality of the pain (Dull vs. sharp), whether she has any alleviating or aggravating factors with the pain, whether the pain has changed in quality/severity/duration since onset, does she have associated symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, blood in her stool), her past medical history, her family history, and her sexual history. The location along her abdomen also provides clues to possible diagnosis. Right upper abdominal pain may be caused by biliary colic or acute cholecystitis. Right lower abdominal pain may be due to ovarian torsion, ovarian abscess, or appendicitis. Left lower abdominal pain may similarly be due to ovarian torsion, ovarian abscess, or diverticulitis. Other possible causes of abdominal pain include colitis and pelvic inflammatory disease. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated by a doctor. I would recommend that your girlfriend see her physician for further consultation.

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