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"My one year old daughters lips and gums have turned into a black color. What is wrong with her?"

ZocdocAnswersMy one year old daughters lips and gums have turned into a black color. What is wrong with her?


She sweats a lot and has developed a rush at the back of her neck and face


I am sorry to hear about this problem, and it is important that she speak with her doctor. There are several things that can turn lips and gums a darker color. Obviously, some foods and beverages can stain the lips and gums. This is one of the more common reasons for a young child to have this problem. Also, some medications, especially those that contain bismuth, can discolor the tongue and other parts of the mouth. One classic example of this is Pepto-Bismol, a medication that is commonly used for stomach indigestion. Beyond these simple reasons for a black tongue, there are some other ideas as well that can be discussed with your doctor. If she is having other symptoms or other things that are different about her behavior, then your doctor will obviously be more clued in to consider other possibilities that may make him or her make further recommendations. Some of the more common reasons for a mouth to change color like that do not apply to a 1 year old in most cases, and so your pediatrician will need to review her other health history as well to see if there are additional clues. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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