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"I have a "moving" pain in my testicles. What could it be?"


For some time now I have been having pain in my testicales sometimes in the right and sometimes in the left. Other times its just in my groin area. There is no unusually external signs like swelling either. Its just a uncomfortable pain but its still uncomfortable. What can this be?


Thank you for your question. Without more information it is very difficult to explain this pain. The fact that it seems to involve both testicles could suggest that there is something that is affecting the nerves that supply this part of your body.

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Alternatively, there could be some other process that is affecting that region, but your lack of other symptoms is interesting and somewhat reassuring. Your doctor will have many other questions such as if you have had any difficulties with bowel or bladder control, if you have had any problems having or maintaining an erection, or any numbness or tingling. He or she will also be able to complete a physical exam and order additional testing or imaging if it is needed. Please speak with your doctor about this question and provide the additional detail that is needed to make sure you are well and avoid further problems.

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