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"Valley fever and loss of appetite, what should be done?"

ZocdocAnswersValley fever and loss of appetite, what should be done?


My brother (19) has had valley fever for sometime now and over the last 4 months he has lost his appetite and lost a lot of weight, what can he do to get it back?


Thanks for your question. Valley fever is becoming more and more of a known entity and problem as time goes on, especially in the American Southwest. It is a fungal infection that is especially problematic in those with a weakened immune system, and it can be fatal in some cases if not treated appropriately. One of the common side effects of this condition is a loss of appetite. This can contribute to severe weight loss as well, especially as your body is trying to clear the disease. It can also take quite a long time for some people to be disease free. Fortunately, most people recover well from the infection, and will go on to live normal lives. Speaking with your doctor is important to make sure that you are being treated appropriately. He or she will likely want to follow the improvement of your brother in multiple methods, likely including imaging as well as perhaps some blood tests. Other signs of improvement will be a return of his energy level, appetite, and his normal weight. All of these things can be discussed with your doctor, who may feel that referral to infectious disease is appropriate. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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