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"Chest pains and headache - what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersChest pains and headache - what should I do?


This morning I woke up from a sharp pain in the center of my chest, kind of directly inbetween my breasts. When I sat up and started moving around the pain went away. About five hours later I got a headache and it gets worse with movement. I'm only 19 so I tryed not to think the worse!


I am sorry to hear about your chest pain. You should see your primary care doctor for a proper evaluation, but here are some general points for discussion. What we often describe as chest pain may actually come from several places-- the heart, lungs, muscles/bones, the GI tract (stomach, esophagus), or the brain.Pressure-like pain associated with nausea, vomiting, sweating, and exertion suggests cardiac pain. Burning, acid-like pain or sour taste in the mouth, especially associated with foods or lying down suggests a GI cause such as reflux. If you had a recent viral illness with headache, congestion or cough, and the chest pain is reproducible when you press on it, this is likely a muscular/bony pain called costochondritis. If you are short of breath with cough and fever, lung causes such as pneumonia should be considered. Finally, anxiety can be a common cause of sudden chest pain. In an otherwise healthy 19-year-old female a cardiac cause of chest pain (such as a heart attack) is generally unlikely, unless you have significant risk factors for heart disease (family history, obesity, diabetes, etc.). You should consult with your primary care doctor for further evaluation to see if any of the above may be causing your symptoms.

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