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"Do I have a STD?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have a STD?


Let me start off by saying yes im very sexually active.. now about a week ago i noticed it was hurting when i was masturbating. I pulled back my foreskin and under the head where there is the uhm lets call it a crease. Right kinda where the shaft meets the head there was a small painful flesh colored bump. Ive been watching it. It hasnt really gotten bigger or spread. It doesnt have any pus. I tried popping it. That really hurt. There is no discharge from my penis. But its vot me worried.. i know sometimes hair gets under the foreskin or boxer lint and that causes the exact same pain im having. So idk if maybe the boxer lint or hair maybe grazed that area and idk like cut it a little any advice would be nice.. i dont have insurance so i dont wanna get it looked at unless i have to. I feel like its just from masturbating to much but yea.. thank you for yiur time


Happy to help. The short answer about this sort of thing is that you should discuss it with your doctor. It may be appropriate to call in by phone if you have someone that you have worked with in the past, as he or she may be able to ask further questions and provide assistance or advice with more information. That is obviously more difficult to do over the computer, and so it is always best to speak with your doctor. Free STD testing is also often available. Trauma to the foreskin and penis is not uncommon. The body does a fantastic job of healing itself in many occasions, especially if the wound is kept clean and is well cared for. Due to the heavy bacterial load in this region, however, it is also possible for infections to become quite serious very quickly. For that reason, it is vital to examine the area regularly and get help at the first signs of worsening before aggressive intervention is required. In addition to trauma, in a sexually active person, sexually transmitted diseases are also common. In addition to things that are well know such as HIV and hepatitis, herpes viruses can cause similar symptoms. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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